Social Media Audit Service

social media audit

Don’t go unnoticed. Get a social media audit

All social media campaigns need to start with clear objectives and a social media audit. Many social media campaigns, unfortunately, have been started in haste or in response to demand without clarity of an objective.

If you feel this may be the case with a new client or even your own organisation’s social media presence, we offer a social media audit service to give you an unbiased and honest appraisal of your – or your client’s – online presence, everything from website usability, social media presence and search engine visibility.

Our social media audit covers:

- Evaluation of results against objectives

- Website user experience analysis

- Review of social media presence and practices

- Re-assessment of audiences and influencers

- Assessment of keywords and phrases used

- Search visibility analysis

- Evaluation of content performance (video, infographics etc.)

- Thorough recommendations

About the social media audit

Our social media audits are carried out by social media consultant Chris Lee who has led global social media campaigns for Philips, and worked with the likes of Ubisoft and Deutsche Telekom on social media strategy. He has also proven expertise at taking websites to top billing on search engines.

Our social media audits can usually be turned around in two days. If you have a pitch coming up, a new client or just want an honest, neutral appraisal of an online property, then Planet Content’s social media audit is the answer.

If you feel you could benefit from our social media audit please contact us for more details.

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