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How to market on Facebook

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I ran a social media training session recently on that most modern of conundrums: Facebook marketing. With attendees from a wide range of sectors – food, automotive, charities – it’s clear that Facebook marketing is something that as marketers in something of a whirl; they often want to do Facebook marketing, they feel they should market on Facebook, someone’s told them they should market on Facebook…

The questions to ask, as ever, are WHY and HOW to market on Facebook?

Without wanting to re-write the hoards of information out there already on the Web about Facebook marketing, I’ve put together a brief summary.

Why market on Facebook?

This question is far easier to answer if you’re selling to consumers (B2C) than to other businesses (B2B), as most of Facebook’s 608 million users worldwide want to do social things in their Facebook time rather than work-related stuff.

When we talk about Facebook marketing we’re essentially talking about two things:Facebook pages

  • Producing ads for Facebook
  • Creating and operating a branded Facebook page or group: I’m going to focus on pages here as their better for brand interaction and are indexed by search engines

Facebook ads enable companies to be ultra-targeted in their advertising based on factors such as gender, location, age and interest.

Facebook pages, on the other hand, enables brands to create an entire page, add applications, interact with fans, even create direct sales and have been used to great effect by the likes of (famously) Starbucks and t-shirt firm Threadless.

Top Facebook marketing tips

As mentioned, plenty has already been written about the subject of Facebook marketing and is freely available on the web, so rather than reinvent the wheel, like so many blogs, I thought I’d direct you to some really good resources that I referred to when putting together my training.

This guide from the Social Media Examiner more or less takes you through Facebook marketing from A-Z, and while you’re at it why not check out this podcast from Target Internet on Facebook marketing. Also, here are some great stats from Econsultancy on what makes people “like” a Facebook page.

Finally, make sure you set an RSS to the Facebook blog to get up to date info on changes taking place at Facebook, but in a nutshell:

  • Why do you want your brand to be on Facebook?
  • What are you going to do when you’re there?
  • How are you going to make people ‘like’ you? (Incentivising through offers is one good way)
  • What content are you going to put up there, how often and at what time of the day?
  • How are you going to encourage people to come back to the page time and time again?
  • How is the Facebook strategy linked to your wider social media strategy?
  • Who’s going to manage the page (24 hours a day) and how often will you update?
  • How will you respond to negative comments? (Be clear about your policy)
  • How are you going to measure the return on investment of the page? (Make sure you use Facebook Insights to see how your page is performing
  • Make sure you interact – it’s all about the conversation, remember

I freely admit that RunMarketing’s own Facebook page is only really used as another feed to reach people with my content and respond to any questions rather than a concerted marketing push, but if you’re on Facebook and would like to read our regular tips and blogs do please ‘like’ us.

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