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Five must-hear social media podcasts

If you work in Internet marketing and you’re NOT listening to podcasts, then I’m afraid you’re holding yourself back. Podcasts are the only social media that you can consume while doing something else; you can’t drive and tweet, you can’t update your Facebook status while jogging, but you can listen to podcasts.

There are some really crap ones out there, but I’d like to shortlist a few must-listen-to digital media podcasts (aside from my own social media podcasts, of course) that everyone should subscribe to in iTunes:

Internet Marketing by Site Visibility: This really is digital marketing – particularly search marketing – broken down to its most simple.

Digital Marketing Podcast by Target Internet: More UK-based common sense from Daniel and Ciaran.

Six Pixels of Separation from Twist Image: The first of two US podcasts, Mitch Joel – the guy behind the Six Pixels podcast is prolific, having already created more than 250 podcasts. At around 45 minutes of interview-style podcasts you really get value from this.

Internet Marketing for Smart People by CopyBlogger : I’m new to this one but I like what I’ve heard thus far. It focuses on content, which is really critical to understand

For Immediate Release – The Hobson and Holtz Report: OK, this is more generic PR but still worth listening to for the bigger picture.

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One Response to Five must-hear social media podcasts

  1. I have to agree with all of those suggestions. I’m an avid fan of both Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing.

    Oh and RunMarketing-You can’t plug yourself so I will!

    I also spoke about my top 3 podcasts aswell;