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“Content marketing”? Is it just SEO rebranded?

How often have you heard the turn of phrase “it’s all about content”? Plenty, I’m sure. But with the launch of BrightonSEO’s spin off, the Content Marketing Show next month (get along to that!), I’m left thinking, is “content marketing” just SEO rebranded?

Content marketing is, in effect, the use of engaging content – such as blog posts, infographics, video, podcasts, apps and tools – to drive inbound links, customer enquiries and interest, and ultimately sales conversions.

Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms have put the emphasis on quality, unique content supported by authoritative and diverse inbound links at the expense of keyword-stuffed, cheap-linked rubbish. Google seeks quality and query relevance, and this is where content comes in.

Has SEO got a bad name? Possibly. The slice of the Google algorithm that pure-play SEOs can claim to influence shrinks with every Google update, opening the door for PR to run SEO, as I believe it should within the marketing remit.

What is content marketing best practice?

Before embarking on a content marketing strategy, consider the psychology of social media, then listen to this awesome podcast from Kelvin around his “THEME” theory for content marketing best practice. In short:

T = Tribe: Where are your target audiences?

H = Hook: What’s your hook to get them interested?

E = Engaging Content: What are you going to offer them in the way of great, useful, sharable content?

M = Marketing: How are you going to reach the influencers that will help your content spread?

E = Evaluate: How will you measure success and improve going forward?

In his interview with me for New Media Knowledge introducing the Content Marketing Show, Kelvin agreed with me that some SEOs are trying to rebrand as “content marketers”, but all in all the disciplines that are often – and regrettably – siloed within organisations, such as SEO, PR, social/online and even offline marketing, are becoming ever more interdependent as Google puts the onus on quality content, diverse and authoritative links, and social signals.

In a nutshell, we’re all content marketers now.

I run SEO training for PR agencies. If this is something that you recognise your agency or marketing team needs help with do please get in touch.

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