Instructions for approaching me for New Media Knowledge features

Follow @CMRLee I write two articles each week on digital marketing for New Media Knowledge (NMK), the University of Westminster‘s digital learning resource. This means I get a lot of approaches from PR people and – having been a PR myself for the best part of a decade, not to mention a tech journalist too – […]

Social proofing and the “numbers game”

Follow @CMRLee PR agencies and especially their clients are obsessed with numbers. Anyone remember AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent)? Exactly. Humans seem to need numbers to quantify validation and the best online players have exploited this brilliantly. Businesses should look at how they do this to increase the virality of their own content. Look at Mashable, […]

Business Blogging Best Practice

Follow @CMRLee Business blogging works. Period. If you’ve tried and given up on business blogging, I implore you to try again. Good business blogging provides an opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership, rank highly in search engines, and generate new sales. I was in Bristol this week training on the subject of business blogging best practice. […]

I repeat – get on Google+ ASAP!

Follow @CMRLee It’s been a while since I last posted about why companies should be on Google+, but a recent tweet exchange drove me back to the subject. Put simply, Google+ matters for a number of reasons: SEO: Google – and Bing, for that matter – is very clear that social signals are increasingly part […]

Confucianist content marketing

Follow @CMRLee I know, it sounds really pretentious and I’m not going to pretend to be any reader or disciple of Chinese philosopher Confucius, but I did stumble across a quote of his once which resonates with audiences when I train on strategic social media planning, and it is pertinent for content marketing: “When you […]

HMV’s Twitter fail: Debating the consequences

Follow @CMRLee Another day, another big brand social media #fail. Last week it was HMV, whose Twitter feed was briefly filled with an update on redundancies from a 21 year-old social media manager who had set the feed up in the first place as an intern two years previously (see tweets below pre-deletion). This highlights […]

What BlackBerry should have said…

Follow @CMRLee Did everyone witness the BlackBerry launch this week? If not, check out the BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio Five Live interviews and prepare to cringe. Instead of talking about the BlackBerry 10 platform and its Z10 and Q10 handsets, a great deal of us are talking about the campaign around the launch. Gimmicks […]

PR’s self-perpetuating cycle of bad practice

Follow @CMRLee I was inspired to write this post by a Twitter conversation I had with Econsultancy’s senior reporter David Moth. The crux of his issue – poor targeting by PR people – is the same root of all evil as those other myriad anti-flack rants from journalists we’ve seen for years and years: junior […]

Singapore offers glimpse of mobile marketing future

Follow @CMRLee I recently wrote a feature for New Media Knowledge asking mobile marketing experts whether 2012 was finally the ‘Year of the Mobile’. While there was no clear agreement on that UK-centric question, one place where mobile truly leads and offers us a glimpse into the near future is Singapore. Singapore leads the world […]

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