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Chris Lee, Planet Content, keynotes at Econsultancy Digital Cream Singapore [Image: Econsultancy]

Proven content marketing services providers, social media strategists and trainers with hands-on, big brand, global-lead social media experience are hard to come by. Planet Content is a UK-based network of specialist online PR professionals and social media strategists, offering strategic digital and content marketing services, SEO (search engine optimisation) training and social media training to brands and agencies.

We all have a PR background, which means that we truly see the bigger picture for businesses keen to define their place in the Social Web and derive true business benefits using a holistic combination of PR outreach, social media, content marketing services and SEO.

Fully Flexible Content Marketing Services Strategic Support

As expert content marketing and social media freelancers we assess each brand against its business objectives and scope digital media strategies against them. Planet Content provides social media professionals that can sit alongside you as part of your business or provide strategic content marketing consultancy and social media training for your staff and clients.

Social Media Training and SEO Training for PRs

Could your organisation benefit from social media training? Our trainer, Chris Lee, has led global blue chip social media outreach campaigns and travels across Europe helping organisations to upskill their marketing teams. In this video Chris explains Planet Content’s tailored digital media training service.

To book or enquire about a social media or SEO training session, please email info@planetcontent.co.uk.

Social Media Training UK from Chris Lee on Vimeo.

Please contact us to discuss further about how we can help you meet your business objectives with social media. Have we met? Let’s get LinkedIn.

Chris Lee